‘L&HH’ Star Tommie Lee Arrested Again — Admits She Has A Problem And Needs Help

Posted On : March 23, 2019

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COBB COUNTY, GEORGIA — Unfortunately, it seems like Tommie Lee could give zero f**ks…until she’s behind bars. Then, enlightenment pops into view. Here’s what happened this time.

Yes, granted a few months back, Tommie Lee recently lost someone near and dear to her. However, it hasn’t stopped her from turning up and partying at various night clubs.

But now, after this most recent arrest, “she needs help”…

According to TMZ, Tommie Lee had a court appearance in Cobb County on March 14. Well, she was there. She showed up. However, the source reports that she was “extremely drunk.”

The former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star showed up to court last week in Cobb County, GA for a hearing in her child abuse criminal case,” the source notes. “Law enforcement sources tell us she appeared to be intoxicated — so much so the judge ordered her to undergo drug and alcohol testing immediately.

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